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The Importance of Reading Aloud #ReadingChallenge

Shelly Moody, 2011 Maine Teacher of the Year

The Many Benefits of Reading Aloud

There is a great body of evidence that supports the impact reading aloud can have on a child.  A significant body of research shows that reading aloud can positively impact a child's language, literacy skills, and brain development. (http://www.nea.org/grants/facts-about-childrens-literacy.html) If a parent reads aloud to a child fifteen minutes a day for five years, it will add up to over 460 hours of reading! A study by Scholastic in 2014 reports that more 54% of children between birth and age five are read to daily. Sadly, this percentage declines to 34% for children age six to eight and 17% for ages nine to eleven.


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