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Nominations are closed.  Check back with us in December 2023.  In the meantime, think about who you will nominate!  

The 2023 County Teachers of the Year will be announced on Thursday May 11 at the State House Hall of Flags.  You can watch the ceremony here 

Now, more than ever, we need to honor and recognize the great work of Maine teachers! 

Whether you’re a student who’s learned from a great teacher, a colleague, a parent, or an interested member of the community, here’s your chance to recognize an exemplary Maine teacher.  

The Teacher of the Year journey starts with YOUR NOMINATION!



Who Can Nominate?

Nominations will be accepted from students, parents, school administrators, colleagues, college faculty members, and associations (self-nominations, and nominations from family members are not accepted).

important Information For Candidates 

You have been nominated for County Teacher of the Year...Congratulations!  

Click here to learn more about the process, what is required, key deadlines, and what to expect.

To be considered for the award and continue on with the TOY process, teacher candidates must submit written material that is reviewed by County Selection Panels.  

Check out this video with the 2021 County Teachers of the Year.  (5 minutes in they talk about their nominations and why they accepted the nominations).


Nominate a Teacher in Your County

Nominations will open in December 2023.  Check back with us then.  In the meantime, be thinking of the Maine Teacher you will nominate! 

The Teacher of the Year journey starts with your nomination!



To be considered for the County and Maine Teacher of the Year award, a person must:

    • Hold the appropriate professional certification for their teaching position;
    • Be a full-time, certified, in good standing, PK-12 teacher in a state accredited public school, including a career and technical and adult education center, a public charter school, or a publicly supported secondary school (a private school that enrolls 60 percent or more publicly funded students, sometimes referred to as "town academies");
    • Be actively teaching students at least fifty percent of the work day at the time of nomination and during their year of recognition.
    • Maintain their teaching position and remain in the County for which they are selected throughout the year of recognition;
    • Have a minimum of five years teaching - three of which are in Maine.

Criteria for teacher of the year

The Maine Teacher of the Year candidate has the respect and admiration of their colleagues and:

  • Is an expert in their field who advances growth for students of all backgrounds and abilities;
  • Builds collaborative relationships with colleagues, students, and families to create a culture of equity and success;
  • Deliberately connects the classroom to the community to impact student growth and learning;
  • As a lifelong learner and teacher leader, they utilize innovation to create learning experiences within and beyond the classroom; 
  • Expresses themselves in an engaging and clear way, conveying the lived classroom experience to a variety of audiences.