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You have been nominated! Now what?

Information & Requirements for Teacher of the Year Nominees

Congratulations on being nominated for County Teacher of the Year!  If you received a nomination, that means that someone took the time to formally recognize the excellent work you do in your classroom and school community and the impact you have on students every day.  Thank you for your dedication and service to learners across Maine!

This page will provide an overview of the program, process, requirements, and helpful materials. 

If you have any questions along the way, please email kaitlin@educatemaine.org.  There is also information in your nomination email about the "So You've Been Nominated" Office Hours hosted by the Maine County and State Teachers of the Year Association.  We encourage you to attend and talk to legacy County and State Teachers of the Year who have gone through this process about their experience!

what is the maine teacher of the year program?

The Maine Teacher of the Year Program is an annual formal recognition program that recognizes and honors outstanding educators in Maine.  It aims to celebrate the positive impact of teachers, showcase their dedication to education, and provide professional learning opportunities to develop teachers as leaders and advocates for education at the state level.  You may want to read our website's ABOUT section and check out the one-minute video below to learn more about the program.

What does it mean to be a county teacher of the year?

In 2013, the Maine Teacher of the Year Program expanded its recognition to include the selection of sixteen County Teachers of the Year. Our County and State Teachers of the Year serve as ambassadors of the teaching profession and advocate for the quality education of Maine students.

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what are the eligibility requirements to be a county or state teacher of the year? 

To be considered for County and Maine State Teacher of the Year, a person must:

why should i consider opting in to the selection process?

Teachers may choose to opt into the process for many different personal and professional reasons, but you do not have to take our word for it! Check out this short video below from our 2023 County Teacher of the Year Cohort!

To be clear, it is both a rigorous and reflective process, and the schedule is ambitious. However, teachers who have gone through the program report that the process is a tremendous personal and professional development opportunity. Teachers earn up to 15 contact hours for the County process and if selected have the opportunity to:

What does the County and State Teacher of the Year selection process entail?

The selection process involves a series of steps, starting at the county level and progressing to the state level.  Check out our dynamic timeline below. When you click on a date, you’ll get more information about each process step. 

We have also created a detailed timeline (linked here) that includes links to materials, resources, and rubrics to help you prepare and submit your materials on schedule.

There are four distinct phases to the selection of the Maine Teacher of the Year, which are detailed below:

Here are the next steps you’ll need to be aware of:

The CTOYs start their year of service and begin preparing for the State Teacher of the Year process. It may sound like a lot of work, but every candidate will have the support of a mentor experienced in the process, as well as a network of exemplary educators in your county. This process is designed by teachers to provide professional learning opportunities for the teachers who participate.  

Here is a message from a previous County Teacher of the Year:

 "The process encourages opportunities to lead and learn, it builds connections with a network of extraordinary teachers in Maine who elevate our profession, and allows for meaningful reflection on your teaching craft. Good luck, congratulations again on your nomination, and thanks for your commitment to Maine students!